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The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain


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La Sagrada Familia is a Catholic basilica located in Barcelona, Spain. It was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí and is famous for its unique architectural style.

Download this coloring book and enjoy.


►►► Coloring book of world extraordinary monument.

►►► The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.

La Sagrada Familia is a magnificent basilica located in Barcelona, Spain. It is considered one of the most famous landmarks in the city, and one of the most impressive works of architecture in the world.

The basilica was designed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, who began working on the project in 1882. However, due to various setbacks, including the Spanish Civil War and Gaudi’s untimely death in 1926, the basilica remains unfinished to this day.

La Sagrada Familia is renowned for its unique architecture, which blends Gothic and Art Nouveau styles with a distinctly Catalan flair. The basilica’s facades are adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures, which depict scenes from the Bible and various other religious motifs.

Despite being unfinished, La Sagrada Familia remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona, attracting millions of visitors each year. Construction on the basilica is ongoing, with a projected completion date of 2026, which marks the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

►►► Coloring books.

Coloring books is a great way to relax and disconnect from everyday life, while letting your creativity run free. The extraordinary monuments are iconic travel destinations that interest everyone from all over the world. By mixing these two ingredients, you will surely not be bored by these not-at-all-mundane coloring pages. Sometimes even these clear, high-quality images are complex enough to titillate you.

These instructive and soothing coloring book are for children, young people and adults.

►►► How to use your digital coloring book ?

A digital coloring book on the theme of the most extraordinary monuments in the world can be used in many different ways, providing a customizable and versatile coloring experience. Here are a few.

– Digital coloring: The coloring book can be downloaded as a PDF file and opened on a computer or Tablet. The drawings can be colored using a digital drawing program or a digital coloring app, providing the ability to customize the colors and modify the drawings at will.

– Printing and traditional coloring: The pages of the coloring book can be printed on high quality paper and colored with pencils, markers or traditional markers.

– Use as a template: Drawings in the coloring book can be used as templates for larger art projects, such as oil paintings, watercolors, illustrations or hand drawings.

– Gift: The coloring book can be given as a digital gift to a friend, family member or colleague, allowing them to color and relax at their own pace.

►►► Digital coloring Apps.

There are several free or low-cost digital drawing programs and digital coloring apps that you can use for digital coloring books.
– Adobe Photoshop Sketch (free): This app is available for iOS and Android users
– Autodesk Sketchbook (Free): This digital drawing program is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android users.
– Procreate ($9.99): This app is exclusively available for iOS users.
– Affinity Designer ($54.99): This digital drawing program is available for Windows, macOS, and iPadOS users.
– Colorfy (Free): This digital coloring app is available for iOS and Android users.
– Happy Color (Free): This digital coloring app is available for iOS and Android users.

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►►► Printing.

1) Preferably print like this :
* Orientation: landscape
* Photo dimensions: full page
* Enable fit to fill the whole page.

2) If you wish, try playing with the print settings to print only a selected area, by
* activating the ‘print selection’ option and moving the 4 cursors to select the desired area.
* using the zoom + or – of the image.

►►► Downloadable content.

Immediately downloadable coloring book content :
* 4 different photos of the monument in black and white, for portable use on smartphone or tablet : 1000 x 1000 pixels.
* 3 different photos of the monument in black and white, for manual or digital coloring, one photo per page : 2000 x 2000 pixels.
* 4 color photos of the monument to admire, to use as examples, and for all other home and artistic use. : 1000 x 1000 pixels.
Page format: white background, photo realistic, super detailed.

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